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How to get hired and succeed in the call center world

So… you decided to work in a call center? Good choice!

We all know that call centers provide some of the highest salaries and benefits, as well as the best and most modern work environments. Call centers or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies usually have thousands of employees per location. Because of its size, it becomes a very diverse workplace where you can meet different kinds of people, including different nationalities. Many co-workers become lifetime friends because of all the fun, challenges and experiences they go through together in the company. Many call centers accept at least highschool graduates. Promotions are also highly possible for employees who stay long enough and do their best at work. Promoted employees can sometimes get paid salaries equivalent to working abroad. These the reason why many people want to get in.

But how can you get hired? Read the following tips and advise. It can greatly affect your future.

Always be professional when sending an email application, or when texting to inquire.

Some applicants send text messages using unprofessional language. You should always introduce yourself properly and provide your correct full name. Don’t give nicknames or first name only. That gives a signal to recruiters that you are an amateur so they may not prioritize you. If you are professional when texting, it gives you a very good first impression. And first impressions last.Sending an email or filling up the “Contact Form” on the company website is better, but the same rules apply. Correct spelling, full name, correct phone number etc.

 Speak in English

The customers of call centers are usually foreigners. Americans, Europeans, British, Australians are the common nationalities who call the call centers. This is why English is the main requirement to get hired. If you cannot talk in proper English, our customers will not be able to understand you. So you need to show that you can converse in English while you are still applying. Send texts and emails in proper English. Talk in proper English ALL THE TIME. Never talk in Tagalog, Cebuano or any other local dialect if you are talking to a recruiter on the phone or face to face. They are always observing if you can do the job. If you cannot talk to a Filipino in English, then it will be more difficult to talk to foreigners. Prove that you can during the call or face to face interview.Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect English, as long as you can properly say your message. You will improve once you start working, but already show your best while still applying.


– Correct spelling of Full Name. Dont give nicknames or first name only.

– Correct mobile/phone number. Some applicants provide number with one digit missing. How can we call them?
– CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS. Never give a Facebook Messenger or Yahoo Messenger account name. that is not email. If you don’t know what email is, ask or learn. You cannot work in a call center if you do not know how to use Email. Email is a formal business communication tool. FB and YM is not. Also don’t give an email address that you cannot access. Check it first. Yahoo mail usually expires if not used for a long time. Make sure you know your password. If it doesn’t work, create a new one, it’s very easy.


If you are talking to a recruiter on the phone or face to face, LISTEN. Some applicants don’t listen and they don’t get hired because they did not follow instructions that was given. If you didn’t understand the instructions, politely ask again. Don’t say Yes if you did not understand. If they tell you to check your email, check your email. If they tell you to print and submit a form, do it. It is required and they are observing if you know how to follow instructions.

Attend your interview schedule

Call centers receive hundreds of applicants daily. If you are absent for your scheduled interview in the office, other people will get your job. It can also be put in your applicant record that you were absent. This will decrease your chances of getting hired even if you show up another day. Some call centers don’t hire people who did not show up at all and did not inform.If it’s an emergency and you really cannot attend, make sure you INFORM your recruiter through text, call or email and request for a new schedule. But make sure you show up on your new schedule. If you reschedule two or more times, that is a bad sign for us. First of all, don’t say Yes if you are not sure you can go. But if you already said Yes, go.

Smile and Relax :)

If an applicant looks relaxed and happy, the recruiter will be at ease as well. If you are grumpy or sleepy during an interview, the recruiter might think that you have an attitude problem. Always remember that attitude is as important as your skills. Do your best and show that you really want the job. Follow these rules and you will increase your chances of getting that call center job.

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